RAPID-P : Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my information safe?

Yes. The information you share is completely confidential and your personal details are not saved, stored or shared with any other party.

If your GP practice is enrolled in the scheme, then there is an option for you to send them a download link to your completed report. To enable your practice to arrange an appointment, you will need to give them your name.

This website and email system is hosted on the secured NHS network

Can I complete this on behalf of someone else?

It is possible to complete the form on behalf of someone else, but it is advised that they are with you so that the questions can be answered in full and as accurately as possible.

Can I make an appointment to see my GP without completing the form?

Yes. If you would prefer to discuss your symptoms with your GP, you can make a routine appointment without completing the RAPID-P assessment form.

If you have noticed blood in your vomit or stools (they appear black and tar-like) you should make an urgent medical appointment with your GP or seek advice from 111

Can I discuss this with my GP?

Yes, you can download your completed questionnaire, to print and take to your doctor.

How long should I have had any of these symptoms before I complete the form?

There is no time restriction, you can complete the form at anytime. However if your symptoms are persistent and have continued for some time, it is important you seek medical advice.

I have other symptoms too, can I still complete the form?

Yes. There is opportunity on the form to include any other symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Can I download my report and results?

Once completed, you will be given the option to download your RAPID-P assessment form, and results, as a PDF.

What will happen next?

On completing and submitting the RAPID-P assessment form you will receive a notice advising you whether you need to make a routine GP appointment to discuss your symptoms with your GP, or whether an appointment with a local specialist will be booked for you within the next 14 days.

Do I have a choice who will see me and where?

Yes, if you are advised that a referral appointment will be made for you, you can discuss options and preferences with your local medical practice.

Why should I complete this questionnaire?

Abdominal pain can indicate potential health problems and so it is important that the symptoms are investigated as quickly as possible. However delays can occur. RAPID-P is designed to help patients with symptoms that would benefit from early investigation to be given a referral appointment without always having to see their GP first.

What is an endoscopy?

An endoscopy is a procedure where the inside of your body is examined using an instrument called an endoscope. You will find further information on the NHS Choices website

Who should I contact if I have any other queries?

Please contact your GP practice if you have any queries.


If you have noticed blood in your vomit or blood in your stools (the stools may appear black and tar-like), please seek urgent medical attention; either by calling your GP or dialling 111.