RAPID-P : Introduction

Welcome to RAPID-P:
"Rapid Access Patient Investigation & Diagnosis Portal"

This website, or portal, is designed to encourage people, who have symptoms that may indicate gastrointestinal (gut) issues, to make an appointment for a medical consultation, within the NHS, as well as offer advice on where to find more information.

The RAPID-P Questionnaire is an initial assessment of your symptoms and can never replace a proper consultation with a medical professional.

Westcliffe Health Innovations

Westcliffe Health Innovations (WHI), based at Eccleshill Treatment Centre, Bradford, is the local provider across Bradford CCG for NHS diagnostic, screening and surgical procedures including endoscopy referrals.

RAPID-P is a new innovation lead by Westcliffe Health Innovations and Oberoi Consulting. Designed to support patients experiencing gastric symptoms which may require urgent investigation, the initial pilot of the service is being run across the Bradford CCG.

The RAPID-P Questionnaire, accessed on this website can be used by any one experiencing enduring gastric symptoms.

Whilst being trialled only patients using this system who are registered within the Bradford CCG area will be able to access the direct referral system.

Individuals outside of this area can complete the assessment, and download their summary report, but will then need to take the this to their own GP or medical centre.

Introduction to RAPID-P

While many people experience episodes of abdominal pain and indigestion, if they persist for more than a few days, or include other symptoms; such as problems with swallowing, unplanned weight loss, vomiting or blood in your vomit or stools (which causes stools to appear dark and tar-like), then it is very important to seek medical attention.

The RAPID-P Questionnaire is designed to support early assessment; avoiding delays and to assist in guiding you to a timely and appropriate medical appointment, either with your GP or a local NHS specialist.

When to complete the RAPID-P assessment questionnaire:

If you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain

  • Indigestion / heart burn

  • Difficulty swallowing

  • Unplanned weight loss

  • Vomiting

  • Blood in your vomit

  • Black, tar-like stools

Completing the RAPID-P assessment questionnaire

The RAPID-P assessment form takes approximately 4-5 minutes to complete.

The information you share is completely confidential. It is only shared with your medical practice if you consent to the completed form being sent to them.

Your personal details are not saved, stored or shared with any other party.

RAPID-P assessment form will ask you a series of short questions about your symptoms, how long you have been experiencing them, and any medication and treatments you may also be receiving.

Based on your responses, it will immediately assess your completed form and then indicate whether you:

  • Need to make a routine appointment with your GP
  • Will expect to receive an appointment to be seen by your GP within the next 14 days
  • Will receive an appointment to be assessed by a local specialist team within 14 days

At the end of the questionnaire, you will be shown your results.

You can then choose to download and print your completed RAPID-P assessment form, to take to your GP or medical centre, or email yourself the download link, to your anonymised report, or send the link to you own GP (if they are registered with the RAPID-P scheme).

During the loop of the questionnaire the patient needs to add their mobile phone number if they consent to their questionnaire being sent direct to the practice/provider so that an appointment / referral can be dealt with straight away and the practice can ring or send a text back to confirm this

To take the RAPID-P assessment,
please click here
or on the "Questionnaire" tab at the top of the page


If you have noticed blood in your vomit or blood in your stools (the stools may appear black and tar-like), please seek urgent medical attention; either by calling your GP or dialling 111.